Why Us

Become Educated Before Choosing an Opportunity

When industry leaders come together, they can make an impact!

ABOTMI solves one of the major challenges that issuers, advisors, and investors face on a daily basis. They’re incapable of accessing all of the digital asset opportunities globally.

ABOTMI offers opportunities for advisors and investors by partnering with The Digital Assets Academy.
  • List and educate investors about offerings
  • Provides access to multiple offerings
  • Choose advisors to manage the offerings
  • Educate advisors and investors on offerings through The Digital Assets Academy
  • Connect to issuers
  • Become educated about offerings
  • P2P discovery about offerings
  • Educate clients on offerings
  • Discover and learn about offerings
  • Get connected to the right advisors
  • Select the most reputable advisors based on qualifications, rankings and reviews
  • Access to track opportunities and performance through certified advisors

Investor Protection

  • ABOTMI introduce access to investor protection by providing knowledge, security and loyalty to our clients empowered by our Ethical Commitment.
  • Our platform connects investors, advisors, and issuers across the globe by offering a unique way to learn and share with one another.
  • We work closely with the SEC, FINRA and SIPC to protect the investors interests and promote confidence in the market’s integrity.
  • Our mission is to provide an independent investor education needed by all global market players to make informed investment decisions.
When industry leaders come together,
they can make an impact!

Ethical Commitment

  • Investor Protection is my moral responsibility.
  • It’s my fiduciary duty to protect, secure, and monitor all your digital assets.
  • I am personally committed to placing all my client’s needs first, as I have developed a variety of safeguards to ensure the protection of each client I work with.
  • I strive to promote the value of independent advice by offering my clients expertise, tips, and practical everyday tools without any conflict of interest.
  • I am committed to share and publish only relevant validated information about myself in ABOTMI.
  • As a digital asset advisor it’s my responsibility to help every investor maximize their income and save for the future as we focus on wealth protection.
  • I strive to confidentially protect any data that is provided by the digital asset investors regarding their personal information.
  • We emphasize on trust, compliance and regulation in order to deliver the best protection and services for each client.

My practice as a digital asset advisor
is to live by these 8 commitments daily.

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