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Transforming Advisors to Digital Asset Advisors

Digital Asset Education

Online Education

  • ABOTMI provides high quality online education for every advisor in the digital asset space.
  • The programs are designed in business modules that are geared towards each individual’s personal goals..


  • Global education program with flexible start dates, adjustable due dates, and easy to use interface.
  • The programs will help you to master real world skills and highlight your expertise with certificates you’ll be proud to share.

Peer to Peer Education

  • ABOTMI enables advisors to communicate with industry influencers, investors, media, and regulators.
  • ABOTMI facilitates blogs, forums, events, and webinars.

Reputation Management

ABOTMI helps you to create your own professional identity with a profile of yourself. Build your name, your credibility and make a mark in the industry

  • Expand your network
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Enable P2P communication and evaluation
  • Help others to build their reputation

It’s essential to establish and manage the advisor’s reputation by validating the credibility through a third-party certification.

  • Peer to peer rating/ranking system
  • Confirm your expertise and trustworthiness
  • Showcase your knowledge of digital assets
  • Deliver a superior service to your clients

ABOTMI enables advisors to share their individual digital profiles with their existing clients, potential clients, peer networks and regulators.

  • Showcase your dedicated attitude towards investor protection through social media.
  • Publically exhibit your fiduciary duty and moral responsibility to your investors
  • Provide relevant advice to convey complex concepts in a clear manner
  • Share your reputation in an untapped industry

Business Growth

  • ABOTMI enables advisors to connect with STO issuers around the world.
  • The issuers distribute, and educates their offerings to the Digital Asset investors
  • Issuers can advocate about their offerings to advisors through ABOTMI.
  • ABOTMI empowers advisors to share their reputation with their existing clients as well as potential ones to promote their earnings.
  • Advisors can conduct new business opportunities by participating in webinars and meetup groups through investor and advisor communities.
  • ABOTMI creates opportunities for advisors to connect with investors, broker dealers, educators, and other professionals in this industry.
  • ABOTMI creates an organized framework to build a bridge between the traditional financial infrastructure and the digital asset space.