About us

Become Educated Before Choosing an Opportunity

The purpose that drives us is “Investor Protection”

To be a leader as the most reliable and trusted
digital asset protection platform globally.

To connect you with the most reliable and trustworthy digital asset advisors across the globe. They will help guide you about digital assets and wealth creation. Simply connect with us through an email and social media as we promise to deliver the finest digital asset advisors to you.

Our Values

is achieved through consistent training, education, and learning from customer feedback.

is about creating a positive environment, building a strong team, and inspiring others to achieve the long-term vision.

all of the content regarding the product, risks, and legal framework are explicitly shared to all the investors and advisors on the platform.

to all the participants of the ecosystem we promise to show integrity, transparency, and be supportive at all times.

it’s vital to always follow our code of conduct that emphasizes our mission, values and principles towards ABOTMI.

we promise to promote our highest standards of ethics, education and professional excellence to all of the users on-board.

Our Belief

We believe in shaping the future, rather than just solving the problems of the past.

Solving the problems of the past will only treat the symptoms instead of the cause. This resolves only the existing issues. We have the capability to disrupt the whole ecosystem by using our purpose as a driving force of the future.

Solving previous issues is only addressing the existing consumer, but shaping the future is about building and adding the new consumer permanently.

We have figured out how to craft the ecosystem in order to create a new product itself. Instead of solving the existing problems that can only temporarily fix the product or service.

Individuals have a habit to lean on others as their benchmark for advice in order to solve problems that arise. Although, if we want to change the future we need to become the benchmark for everyone.

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